2020. 8. 20. · If you want to know the exact files and folders that should be added to the Trusted zone on a server with SAP software installed, please contact SAP technical support: SAP Services & Support or SAP Help Portal.You can also find recommendations for configuring exclusions on the official Microsoft website.. If you use Microsoft SQL Server as a database server, we
For reference, our Sophos Central Endpoint will automatically detect the SQL install and add the appropriate exclusions. If you continue to experience issues, I would advise to raise a support case for further investigation as your detours may not have been disabled properly. 1. r/sysadmin.
Apply the SQL server policy to anything running SQL. Apply the SCCM server policy to anything running SCCM. Apply the payroll server policy to the payroll server . This way, when we update the SQL server policy - it flows through to all SQL servers automatically. We dont have to update the SCCM policy and the payroll server policy.
Head Sysadmin In Charge. Ive used tons of AV’s on server 2016; Kaspersky, webroot, Cisco AMP, SEP, ATP. Never had any real issues, but SEP and Kaspersky are resource hogs. 2. level 1. motoevgen. · 2y. Follow OS and software vendors recommendations for exclusions and